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The Northeast is already below zero, and winter has begun, so I miss those warm days! Wear more clothes when you go out, long trousers are no longer good, so put on cotton trousers. In winter, there is an old saying to eat more warm meals; eat radish in winter and ginger in summer, and eat in season.



1. An appropriate amount of fresh pork spine, wash and put into the inner pot of the pressure cooker stew, add a few Dendrobium.

Soup recipe

2. The right amount of salt, the one who speaks seriously, will adjust it by himself.

Soup recipe

3. After adding the ingredients, add an appropriate amount of water. Be careful not to exceed the mark of adding water. Add 2 scoops of cooking wine.

Soup recipe

4. After adding all the ingredients, lock the pot with the safety valve. Turn on the power and set the soup for 50 minutes.

Soup recipe

5. Wash the radishes and peel them, then cut into pieces and wait for a while to add to the pot.

Soup recipe

6. Add the radish, continue to cover the pot and cook for 10 minutes! The taste is very good.

Soup recipe

7. When the countdown is 11 minutes, the pot is exhausted, open and add the sliced radishes into the pot. This is the reason why I like this pot, which can be added in the middle, which is different from other pressure cookers.

Soup recipe

8. The UFO pressure cooker is just awesome, the radish tastes just delicious.

Soup recipe


1. Choose fresh pork bones and fresh radish to make soup with great nutrition and taste.

2. This recipe uses Zhenmi UFO pressure cooker stew liner, other pots and utensils should be cooled or cooked together in the middle, please refer to it.


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