Corn Cold Skin

Corn Cold Skin

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Liangpi, a good product to cool off the hot summer. "


Corn Cold Skin

1. The corn on the cob is steamed and peeled.

Corn Cold Skin recipe

2. Add a little water to the corn kernels, smash them and filter them with gauze to get the juice.

Corn Cold Skin recipe

3. Filtered corn juice.

Corn Cold Skin recipe

4. Add flour and cornstarch and stir to make a thin paste on the wall.

Corn Cold Skin recipe

5. Brush the pizza pan with oil, pour in the thin paste, and turn the pizza pan to make a thin layer.

Corn Cold Skin recipe

6. Add water to the boiling pot and turn to medium heat to keep the water boiled. Put it on the pizza pan and cook, and take it out when the cold skin is solidified and bubbling.

Corn Cold Skin recipe

7. Take out the pizza pan and pour water to cool.

Corn Cold Skin recipe

8. After cooling, remove the finished Liangpi.

Corn Cold Skin recipe

9. The same method is used to prepare all the cold corn husks.

Corn Cold Skin recipe

10. Peel and shred the cucumber, slice the cold corn skin into wide strips, pound the garlic, and put it on a plate.

Corn Cold Skin recipe

11. Season with salt and white vinegar, and pour sesame sauce to increase the fragrance.

Corn Cold Skin recipe


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