Blending Oil recipes

Wine-flavored Purple Cabbage Risotto

Rice, Purple Cabbage, Onion

Stir-fried Vegetables with Onions and Potatoes

Onion, Diced Potato (dehydrated), Black Fungus

Seafood Braised Rice

Rice, Beef Sausage, Conch Meat

Seasonal Vegetable Pancake

Cabbage, Carrot, Egg

Stir-fried Pork with Seasonal Vegetables

Onion, Diced Potato (dehydrated), Salt

Pasta with Seasonal Vegetables

Pasta, Salt, Blending Oil

Seasonal Vegetable Tea Tree Mushroom

Pork Belly, Zizania, Parsley

Diced Pork Bun

Medium Powder, Pork Mash, Eggplant

Scrambled Eggs with Seasonal Vegetables

Asparagus, Carrot, Black Fungus