Corn King Coconut Bone Soup

Corn King Coconut Bone Soup

by meggy dancing apple

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The whole coconut is heavy and big. After a few mouthfuls, I drank the sweet coconut milk. Is it a pity to throw away the rest of the coconut shell? That's right, cut the coconut husk with a knife, and there is white fat coconut meat inside. This coconut meat is more nutritious than coconut milk. In addition to being rich in plant fiber, it also contains coconut oil, protein, carbohydrates, vitamin B group, etc. The minced coconut we like to eat is made from it.
Coconut meat can nourish the spleen and stomach and eliminate fatigue. Fresh coconut meat can be used directly as a snack to grind teeth, and it can also be used to make soup. The soup has a slight sweetness and a strong coconut fragrance. Today, this pot of coconut meat and corn cavity bone soup is fragrant in the mouth, and the sweetness of corn and coconut meat penetrates into the soup, which makes people feel refreshing and appetizing. This soup is simple to prepare, but not low in nutrition. During the Spring Festival these days, there are too many fat and greasy foods. Drinking this refreshing pot of ribs soup to moisturize the spleen and stomach. Compared with the vegetable soup, this soup is also very on the table. I used the Jiuyang Beishan electric stew pot to cook slowly, the scent of coconut exuded from the ventilation holes, and the sun poured into the house. At that moment, I felt that life was so good! "


Corn King Coconut Bone Soup

1. Wash the cavity bones to remove the bone residue, peel off the skin of the sweet corn, I use the ready-made royal coconut meat, moist and fragrant, 1 piece of ginger, Jiuyang Beishan electric stew pot is ready;

Corn King Coconut Bone Soup recipe

2. Put the cavity bones into a pot of warm water, and remove them from the boiled place after boiling, so there is no need to flush them;

Corn King Coconut Bone Soup recipe

3. Put the blanched cavity bone into the inner pot of the electric cooker;

Corn King Coconut Bone Soup recipe

4. Cut the corn into sections when blanching the bones;

Corn King Coconut Bone Soup recipe

5. Put the imperial coconut meat, corn and ginger slices into the electric cooker, pour hot water according to the amount consumed, so that the blanched meat will not harden and become tight, and the amount of water will not exceed the ingredients;

Corn King Coconut Bone Soup recipe

6. Put the inner pot into the Jiuyang Beishan electric stew pot, turn on the power, and select the "simmering soup" mode, which automatically defaults to 2 hours;

Corn King Coconut Bone Soup recipe

7. When the time is up, the house is full of strong coconut fragrance, light meat fragrance, and you can put salt or not.

Corn King Coconut Bone Soup recipe

8. The sweet corn and coconut broth is very appetizing after drinking two bowls, and it is not too hot; the coconut meat can be finely tasted, and the coconut oil is fragrant and attractive.

Corn King Coconut Bone Soup recipe


1. A casserole for boiling soup, the taste is slowly released, no nutrition is lost, and the heat preservation effect is excellent;
2. You can use freshly dug coconut meat or buy ready-made coconut meat. The soup is fragrant, and you can taste it with or without salt. For more delicacies, please pay attention to my gourmet public account: Meggy's gourmet kitchen.


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