Abc Soup

Abc Soup

by Jiesai Private Kitchen

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ABC soup, if you apply #爸爸去哪儿2# Zhongcaoge, ABC soup is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C, so it is very suitable for children to drink! This is a well-known lazy soup in Malaysia. The recipe is very simple!


Abc Soup

1. Boil the bones in a pot under cold water, boil for 5 minutes, skim off the blood foam and rinse for later use

Abc Soup recipe

2. Cut tomatoes into crosses, blanch them with hot water and peel them, cut corn in the middle, chop them into small pieces, and cut carrots and onions into pieces

Abc Soup recipe

3. Put the processed ingredients and water in the pot

Abc Soup recipe

4. Cover the pot and activate the [Lao Chai Ji] function

Abc Soup recipe

5. After cooking, add the seasoning and eat

Abc Soup recipe


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