Corn Raisin Hair Cake

Corn Raisin Hair Cake

by Happy and happy

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There was a corn raisin hair cake in the breakfast shared by Duoma the day before yesterday, which caught the attention of some friends. She sent a message to Duoma requesting a recipe. In fact, Duoma had written similar recipes before, such as brown sugar hair cake and pumpkin red date hair cake. They are all the same. . For the corn pudding, a part of the flour is replaced with corn flour. For a good taste, some sugar and raisins are added. This time I added dried cranberries and red dates to make the pudding look more beautiful and nutritious.
It is simple and easy to make, without kneading the noodles, and without too many operating skills, it can be done with one chopstick. And I like to make hair cakes. Another reason is that I can mix the batter of hair cakes before going to bed, cover them with plastic wrap, put them in the refrigerator to ferment, and when I get up the next morning, I can simply decorate them. It is steamed in the pot, making breakfast very good. This method is convenient and saves time. Many friends are wondering why they should be kept in the refrigerator for fermentation. The current indoor temperature in my house is about 20 degrees Celsius. If the fermentation is normal at room temperature for more than an hour, it will be ready, but the fermentation will definitely come in the morning. Put the mixed batter. In the refrigerator compartment, low temperature can delay the fermentation of the baking powder, which prolongs the fermentation time. It is just right to leave it overnight. Put it in the steamer or steamer in the morning and you can do other things, which is very convenient.
Many pasta Xiaobai likes to learn to make hair cakes because it is easy to use. The steamed rice cake is soft and tastes good, and the elderly and children also like to eat it. Let’s share how Duo Ma makes corn and raisin hair cakes. Let’s make it with your favorite friends.

Corn Raisin Hair Cake

1. First mix the yeast powder, sugar and warm water in a small bowl, stir it to melt the sugar;

Corn Raisin Hair Cake recipe

2. Pour the flour and corn flour into a small bowl;

Corn Raisin Hair Cake recipe

3. Then put in raisins and dried cranberries;

Corn Raisin Hair Cake recipe

4. Stir with chopsticks to mix the ingredients in the bowl evenly;

Corn Raisin Hair Cake recipe

5. The stirred batter is in a viscous state;

Corn Raisin Hair Cake recipe

6. Pour the mixed batter into a container and spread it flat. I use a six-inch round cake tin here. Because it will stick, I spread baking grease paper inside to make it easier to demould; put the container in a warm If you mix the batter the night before and steam it at breakfast the next day, it is recommended to cover it with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator compartment to extend the fermentation time.

Corn Raisin Hair Cake recipe

7. After the fermentation is complete, you can see that the batter is almost full;

Corn Raisin Hair Cake recipe

8. Use raisins and red dates to decorate the surface;

Corn Raisin Hair Cake recipe

9. Put it in a steamer or steamer to cook. I use a steamer here and steam it for 40 minutes. If you use a steamer, turn on the water pot and steam it for 40 minutes;

Corn Raisin Hair Cake recipe

10. The beautiful corn pudding is ready, take a look, do you like it? The nutritious and simple delicious hair cake is not difficult to make. Just mix it with chopsticks and you can make a nutritious and healthy noodle without kneading. Would you like to try it?

Corn Raisin Hair Cake recipe

11. The amount of various ingredients given in the recipe above is for reference, but most people do not have a kitchen scale at home. You can add ingredients bit by bit according to your own experience. It is not necessary to use a kitchen scale to weigh. The mixed batter is like the sticky state in my picture, basically there is no problem.

Corn Raisin Hair Cake recipe

12. Cut it and look at it. The organization is good and the elasticity is good. When I took pictures, I attracted my second treasure. Did you find her little hands? My second treasure especially likes to eat the red dates above. In order to prevent her from eating the date cores, I always cut the dates into date sticks and put them on. If there are children in the family, we must pay attention to removing the date cores.

Corn Raisin Hair Cake recipe


Corn flour is very delicate, and eating more whole grains is good for your health.


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