Steamed Seasonal Vegetables

Steamed Seasonal Vegetables

by Five meals a day

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Leafy greens are the nutritional champion among vegetables, and to be honest, there are very few babies who really love it. If the baby eats 200 grams of vegetables a day, half of which must be green leafy vegetables, mothers need to think about how to let the baby eat these green leafy vegetables. Today’s recommended steamed seasonal vegetables can be eaten by a 10-month baby. Grapefruit is almost two and a half years old now, and I am still making it. Adults can eat it as well, just cut into larger pieces.

Traditional steamed vegetables use coarsely ground rice noodles, wrapped in the desired ingredients, and adjusted the sauce, which can be fish, vegetables, or mix and match. Today's improved version of baby steamed vegetables made by Yuma uses corn flour instead of rice flour (not only corn flour, soy flour, millet flour, and buckwheat flour can be used). Vegetables with low oxalic acid content are selected green leafy vegetables, such as broccoli, rape, chrysanthemum, celery leaves, cabbage, etc. (because steamed vegetables do not have a blanching process, such as choosing vegetables with high oxalic acid content, there will be astringent taste, and the baby will Exclusion).

Reference Moon Age: 10M+


Steamed Seasonal Vegetables

1. Ingredients: 15 grams of carrots, 2 pieces of broccoli, 10 pieces of small green vegetables, 20 grams of walnut oil, 30 grams of corn flour

Steamed Seasonal Vegetables recipe

2. Wash and chop the small greens.

Steamed Seasonal Vegetables recipe

3. Pour a little walnut oil and mix well, pour 10 grams of corn flour, and mix well.

Steamed Seasonal Vegetables recipe

4. Pour it on the plate.

Steamed Seasonal Vegetables recipe

5. Rub the carrots into puree.

Steamed Seasonal Vegetables recipe

6. Pour a little walnut oil and mix well, then pour 10 grams of corn flour, mix well, and pour it on a plate.

Steamed Seasonal Vegetables recipe

7. Wash the broccoli, chop the flower heads, pour a little walnut oil and mix well, pour 10 grams of corn flour, and mix well.

Steamed Seasonal Vegetables recipe

8. Pour it on the plate. Put it on the pot and steam for 7 minutes.

Steamed Seasonal Vegetables recipe

9. Out of the pot! The color is bright green, the taste is attractive, the mellow aroma of grains is intertwined with the fragrance of leafy vegetables, and it is very happy to smell it.

Steamed Seasonal Vegetables recipe


This recipe has a supporting video, which can be viewed in the WeChat public account "five meals a day". If you don’t understand my recipe, please come to the public account to ask questions. There are 500 baby food supplements made by the nutritionist mother. All your eating problems.


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