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How to make it (Risotto)

1. Cut the meat into small pieces, add cooking wine, mix well with salt and marinate for 10 minutes
Risotto recipe
2. Slice black fungus, carrot, green pepper and set aside
Risotto recipe
3. Wash the shiitake mushrooms in advance
Risotto recipe
4. Onion, ginger, garlic and spare
Risotto recipe
5. Put oil in the pot, add ginger and garlic, and fry the onion for a fragrant flavor
Risotto recipe
6. Add the marinated meat slices and fry until the meat slices turn white
Risotto recipe
7. Add carrots, black fungus, shiitake mushrooms, add soy sauce, light soy sauce and salt, stir fry evenly, add some sugar to make it fresh, add the water soaked shiitake mushrooms, and cook until the ingredients are delicious
Risotto recipe
8. Take a small bowl, dissolve the corn starch, the ratio is water: corn starch=2:1
Risotto recipe
9. Add green pepper after cooking the ingredients
Risotto recipe
10. Add two spoons of starch water, cook until the soup is cooked, then turn off the heat, pour in the oil to taste
Risotto recipe
11. Take the rice bowl and put the rice in it, then pour it on the plate and sprinkle it with black sesame seeds for garnish
Risotto recipe
12. Boil the cooked dishes and serve as a bowl of delicious risotto
Risotto recipe

The vegetables in the ingredients can be replaced with other vegetables and meat. Before braising the rice, you can add some cooking oil or olive oil to the rice to make the rice more fragrant. The risotto dishes should not be too dry, a little bit of soup. Taste better


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