Corn Sausage Rolls

Corn Sausage Rolls

by Heng Heng Happiness

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It always changes with the baby’s taste, because the baby loves sausage and ham bread, so naturally make it more.


Corn Sausage Rolls

1. Put all the ingredients except butter corn sausage into the big plate, first stir well and put it in the inverted bread bucket (this can also prevent the flour from flying at the beginning) Press the custom kneading button for about 60 minutes

Corn Sausage Rolls recipe

2. Take a small piece of Hehao Noodles and spread it out to see if it has been out of the mold. Then you can start a shot.

Corn Sausage Rolls recipe

3. When the dough reaches 2-2.5 times the size, it can come out for exhaust shaping

Corn Sausage Rolls recipe

4. Once the hair is ready, take it out to exhaust the plastic and knead it with your hands for a while and shoot out the big bubbles that have just fermented inside.

Corn Sausage Rolls recipe

5. Knead the dough and cut it into 4 pieces (in the picture, I cut the dough into two large pieces first and then into two smaller pieces). You can divide it any way, haha

Corn Sausage Rolls recipe

6. Divide into 4 pieces and knead the dough long

Corn Sausage Rolls recipe

7. Then take half of the corn sausage and wrap it in dough

Corn Sausage Rolls recipe

8. Roll and roll

Corn Sausage Rolls recipe

9. Haha, so you can put in the oven for the second shot! 1.5-2 times the size of the second serve is fine

Corn Sausage Rolls recipe

10. In the end I looked monotonous, so I sprinkled a little bit on it, at least shredded. Now that the reshaping is done, the second round can be done. It is also twice the size of the dough and can be baked

Corn Sausage Rolls recipe


Everyone’s oven is different. You can control the temperature and time according to your own oven. Remember to mix the dough for 20 minutes and press the pause button to put corn oil or butter in, and cover the bread bucket with a piece of paper that the baby usually uses to draw pictures. Other things that can be covered can prevent the oil from running everywhere when mixing the dough


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