Octopus Potato Cake

Octopus Potato Cake

by Sago Fiona

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All for the children. That's right. I believe every mother thinks so. Every time I go to the market to buy food, my mind is always: What food should I eat for the baby today? This baby dish loves to eat it, but this baby does not eat it. What can I do to make him accept it? In fact, if a mother spends more time thinking about cooking, the child will generally not refuse.

Today, my wife and I went to the supermarket’s fresh section together and saw that the octopus was quite fresh. So I asked the child: Will mother buy this octopus and cook it for you? He said, no. I said look quickly, does this octopus tail look like Godzilla's tail? He was immediately surprised and said, yes, mother, let's buy one.

When I bought it home, I didn't know how to make this dish at first, because it was not very big. Later, I thought of the sea oyster frying in my hometown. . I also thought that children love potatoes, so I have this octopus potato cake.


Octopus Potato Cake

1. The potatoes are peeled and shredded and soaked in water to remove the starch. Get out of control. Wash the octopus with salt, blanch and dice

Octopus Potato Cake recipe

2. Add some salt to the shredded potatoes, chopped parsley (chopped parsley), and mix well

Octopus Potato Cake recipe

3. Add right amount of salt, oyster sauce, pepper, starch, olive oil to the diced octopus. Grab well and marinate for about 10 minutes

Octopus Potato Cake recipe

4. In a frying pan, pour some oil, grab a little potato shreds and put it in the pan, put some processed diced octopus on the potato shreds, and cover with a layer of potato shreds

Octopus Potato Cake recipe

5. Fry on low heat until the potato shreds are cooked and golden on both sides

Octopus Potato Cake recipe


This dish can be used as a side dish with porridge or as a snack for children. It can also be used as a snack for men. The potatoes are crispy and the octopus QQ is chewy. Remember to chop the potato shreds thinly and rinse off the excess starch with water to prevent it from sticking to the pan. The diced octopus marinated in advance is quite tasty.


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