Cranberry Biscuits

Cranberry Biscuits

by Flower Worlder

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Cranberry Biscuits

1. Prepare the required materials

Cranberry Biscuits recipe

2. Butter, add sugar and egg liquid and stir

Cranberry Biscuits recipe

3. Add low-gluten flour and continue to stir

Cranberry Biscuits recipe

4. Add dried cranberries and mix well

Cranberry Biscuits recipe

5. Put the dough on the plastic wrap and pinch the cuboid, put it in the refrigerator and freeze for one hour.

Cranberry Biscuits recipe

6. Cut into even thin pieces

Cranberry Biscuits recipe

7. Spread tin foil or oil-absorbing paper, arrange it, and leave a gap.

Cranberry Biscuits recipe

8. Heat up and down, 170 degrees, middle level, 20 minutes, preheat for about three minutes, then put it in.

Cranberry Biscuits recipe


This recipe is made with reference to the meat recipe, and there are slight discrepancies in the materials. The more uniform the slices, the better the effect. Be sure to leave gaps.


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