Cranberry Bread

Cranberry Bread

by LLY&ZSJ (from Tencent.)

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The goods will be unloaded next month. Now I will make delicious food for Dabao every night. Dabao is also happy to help mother make it together. Basically, cranberries are put by the baby. They also say that these are the eyes and the ears... ...I hope the babies have always been so happy!


Cranberry Bread

1. Place the weighed fresh milk, eggs, sugar and salt on the bottom of the bread bucket

Cranberry Bread recipe

2. Then put in the weighed high-gluten flour, dig a small hole in the middle to put the weighed yeast powder, and then the bread machine selects the fast kneading program

Cranberry Bread recipe

3. After the first kneading procedure is over, put in the weighed butter, and select the quick kneading procedure of the bread machine again until the dough can pull out the film

Cranberry Bread recipe

4. Then select the fermentation program of the bread machine, about an hour, and after an hour the dough will be at least twice as large as the original

Cranberry Bread recipe

5. Take out the fermented dough, knead it for a while to remove the air inside, and then divide it into 8 equal parts

Cranberry Bread recipe

6. Take one of them, roll it out with a rolling pin, then put the cranberry on it, roll it up and set it aside

Cranberry Bread recipe

7. After 8 servings are ready, put them in the oven for the second fermentation. The fermentation time is about 40-50 minutes.

Cranberry Bread recipe

8. Preheat the oven at 160 degrees, then take out the second fermented dough, coat with egg liquid, and sprinkle with black sesame seeds

Cranberry Bread recipe

9. Oven 160 degrees, up and down fire, bake for about 25 minutes

Cranberry Bread recipe

10. After baking for about 20 minutes, take out the bread, brush with honey and egg liquid, put it in the oven and bake for 5 minutes.

Cranberry Bread recipe


1. If the yeast powder is not newly opened, it is recommended to throw it away and reopen it, especially if it has been a long time since the last use, because the activity of the yeast will decrease or disappear.
2. Cranberries are best chopped and put on top. After I take out the fresh milk from the refrigerator, I'd better heat it up a bit or warm it up, otherwise the temperature of the bread dough will be too low and it will affect the yeast fermentation.
3. The surface of the second fermented bread is not smooth, it doesn't matter, you see my finished product is still pretty.
4. A soil egg is about 60 grams, 40 grams are added to the bread flour, and the other 20 grams are left to be spread on the surface of the bread. PS The best thing to leave is egg yolk liquid
5. Brush the egg liquid twice for color, and brush the honey for the taste, so that when combined with cranberry, it will have a sweet and sour taste. The baby likes the sweet and sour taste.


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