Cranberry Cookies

Cranberry Cookies

by Old man rain

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Cranberry and biscuits are definitely the best match. The sweet taste is mixed with a slightly sour berry fragrance. . It just so happened that I carried a large bag of cranberries back last time. In order to digest it, I have to work hard to make all kinds of cranberry delicacies. . Please bear with me being lazy by nature. . amount. .


Cranberry Cookies

1. To soften the butter at room temperature, add in powdered sugar, egg liquid, and dried cranberries in turn and mix well (do not beat the butter)

Cranberry Cookies recipe

2. Add low flour and mix well to form a dough, put it in a piece of plastic wrap, arrange it into a rectangular parallelepiped, put it in a mold and flatten it, put it in the refrigerator and freeze for one hour

Cranberry Cookies recipe

3. Take out and cut into thick slices of about 0.7cm, put on a baking tray, middle layer, heat up and down at 165 degrees, and bake for about 20 minutes. Bake until golden, out of the oven

Cranberry Cookies recipe


1. If there is no mold, just arrange it into a rectangular parallelepiped by hand. (I used a box containing macarons, about the same size, multi-purpose, environmentally friendly!);
2. If the color of the biscuits is too dark when baking, cover the biscuits with a layer of tin foil;
3. The baked biscuits are soft, and they will be crispy after cooling.


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