Cranberry Cookies

Cranberry Cookies

by Still July

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Cranberry biscuit is a kind of sliced biscuit, very simple, zero failure variety. Makes 200 grams of butter at a time, and bake two large plates is enough for a week.


Cranberry Cookies

1. Let the butter soften at room temperature, add powdered sugar and beat evenly with a manual whisk

Cranberry Cookies recipe

2. Add 40ml of egg liquid and beat evenly

Cranberry Cookies recipe

3. Add cranberries and mix well

Cranberry Cookies recipe

4. Sift in low-gluten flour and dry dough into cakes

Cranberry Cookies recipe

5. Take a piece of noodles and place it on the cling film, and shape it through the cling film. It can be rectangular or round.

Cranberry Cookies recipe

6. Put the shaped biscuit embryos in the refrigerator and freeze for 1 hour

Cranberry Cookies recipe

7. Take out the slices, preheat the oven to 160 degrees, bake for about 20 minutes, and look at the color to be yellow

Cranberry Cookies recipe


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