Cranberry Durian Cookies

Cranberry Durian Cookies

by Faye77925

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Cranberry Durian Cookies

1. Ingredients preparation

Cranberry Durian Cookies recipe

2. After the butter is softened and beaten, add sugar and continue to beat until feathery

Cranberry Durian Cookies recipe

3. The whole egg liquid can be added in batches, the taste is better, and the stirring is even, (also can be sent)

Cranberry Durian Cookies recipe

4. Add as much cranberry as you like. You can cut it in any amount and mix well.

Cranberry Durian Cookies recipe

5. Add starch and flour

Cranberry Durian Cookies recipe

6. Add durian puree and stir well, I dripped a few drops of lemon juice, if not, you can omit it

Cranberry Durian Cookies recipe

7. Stir until there is no dry flour, put it in a mold, refrigerate for 30 minutes, remove the mold and freeze for 1 hour or half an hour

Cranberry Durian Cookies recipe

8. After freezing hard, take out a slice of 4, 5MM thickness

Cranberry Durian Cookies recipe


Heat up and down at 150 degrees for 20 minutes (according to your own oven temperament). The surface will be slightly yellow, especially crisp


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