Cranberry Eggs🥪

Cranberry Eggs🥪

by Blue sky_hJEA

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Cranberry Eggs🥪

1. Ingredients being prepared, eggs, whole wheat bread, cranberries😁

Cranberry Eggs🥪 recipe

2. Wash lettuce and set aside

Cranberry Eggs🥪 recipe

3. Cupid Salad Dressing

Cranberry Eggs🥪 recipe

4. Put a little oil on the battery stall and fry eggs

Cranberry Eggs🥪 recipe

5. Warm whole wheat bread a bit

Cranberry Eggs🥪 recipe

6. Spread salad dressing on the bread and put in the fried eggs

Cranberry Eggs🥪 recipe

7. Put lettuce and cranberries on it and start eating.

Cranberry Eggs🥪 recipe


Lettuce leaves should be fresh and tender in the middle, which will taste much better than the outer leaves.
For frying eggs, you must put a little oil in it to prevent the eggs from sticking to the pan. Don’t use too much oil to make them too greasy. You can add a little salt according to personal taste.


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