Cranberry Souffle Cookies

Cranberry Souffle Cookies


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Recommend a super simple soufflé biscuit, using whole egg yolks, the surface is brushed with egg yolk liquid, the baked biscuit is golden yellow, quite beautiful; adding the sweet and sour cranberry, crisp, sour and sweet Sweet and full of milk flavor! It's the summer vacation, and many friends think that they will have time at home, so you can give it a try! A few yuan for gluttony or afternoon tea, it’s pretty good


Cranberry Souffle Cookies

1. Prepare all materials

Cranberry Souffle Cookies recipe

2. After the butter is softened, add the sugar and stir well

Cranberry Souffle Cookies recipe

3. Add the egg yolk and mix well

Cranberry Souffle Cookies recipe

4. Pour in dried cranberries and stir well

Cranberry Souffle Cookies recipe

5. Finally, sift in milk powder and low-gluten flour and mix well

Cranberry Souffle Cookies recipe

6. Stir to a dry powder-free state

Cranberry Souffle Cookies recipe

7. Put the dough on the tarp, cover with a layer of tarp, and use a rolling pin to flatten the dough to a thickness of about 0.7cm

Cranberry Souffle Cookies recipe

8. Use a knife to cut into small pieces of the same size, and put them into a baking pan lined with greased paper

Cranberry Souffle Cookies recipe

9. Brush the surface with liquid egg yolk

Cranberry Souffle Cookies recipe

10. COUSS CO-5001 oven, select 180 degrees for the upper fire, 170 degrees for the lower fire, set the time to 25 minutes, preheat for 5 minutes, put the baking tray into the baking tray until the surface is golden

Cranberry Souffle Cookies recipe


1. If the dried cranberries are relatively large, chop them first (don't chop too much);
2. The shape of the biscuits can be chosen at will, and the size can be cut according to your own wishes;
3. Bake until the bottom is colored and the surface is golden. It can also show the thickness of the biscuit to adjust the baking temperature and time appropriately.


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