Creamy Egg Pancakes.

Creamy Egg Pancakes.

by Akai╮(╯▽╰)╭ing (from WeChat.)

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The fried dough sticks sold outside can't be assured, so I always make them at home. Today I fried some oil cakes, added milk and eggs, and it was soft and delicious.


Creamy Egg Pancakes.

1. Take a carton of milk and beat the eggs into a bowl.

Creamy Egg Pancakes. recipe

2. Grab the flour, add the yeast and white sugar and stir well. Knead the noodles with milk (add a little pure water when it is not enough), knead and knead smooth hair.

Creamy Egg Pancakes. recipe

3. Add baking soda and egg to the cooked noodles, knead again and smoothly.

Creamy Egg Pancakes. recipe

4. Then cut a piece of rubbing strips.

Creamy Egg Pancakes. recipe

5. Cut into sections (any size).

Creamy Egg Pancakes. recipe

6. Roll it out into an oil cake, tap a small hole in the middle with a rolling pin (heat evenly during frying).

Creamy Egg Pancakes. recipe

7. Start the pan and add oil (it won’t consume much, just fry it with more oil)

Creamy Egg Pancakes. recipe

8. The temperature of the oil does not need to be too high, and the fire does not need to be too high. Put it in the oil cake and turn it over immediately after it floats.

Creamy Egg Pancakes. recipe

9. Fried pancakes.

Creamy Egg Pancakes. recipe

10. Pancakes for serving.

Creamy Egg Pancakes. recipe


It should be a little harder when making the dough, and add the egg after the hair is just right.


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