Creamy Tofu

Creamy Tofu

by Fable 7656

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This is a Tianjin halal special dish. The freshly cooked tofu has a crispy outer skin, soft inside and full of milky flavor.

There is a well-known halal restaurant near my home in Tianjin. Sometimes when I am too lazy to cook, I will go to have a snack with my daughter for a sacred meal. Among them, my daughter must order milk-filled dishes every time.

Milk burst, the taste is salty and fresh, refreshing and not greasy. It is the characteristic cooking method of Tianjin halal cuisine. Like the halal restaurant’s milk fried shrimp, milk fried tofu, and milk fried two (beef and shrimp), they all use milk fried cooking. method. Today I will share with you all the tofu with milk. Friends who like it can give it a try. After learning this milk-stuffed tofu, you can show it on the festive table and let your family taste a special Tianjin tofu recipe.


Creamy Tofu

1. Cut the soft tofu into pieces about 1.5 cm square and set aside

Creamy Tofu recipe

2. Cut the tofu and make a deep-fried paste. Put 2 teaspoons of flour, 4 teaspoons of starch, 1 teaspoon of custard powder in a bowl, and beat in an egg. (Adding some custard powder is to make the fried tofu more scented, and the outer skin is more fluffy and crispy, you can use it if you don’t have it)

Creamy Tofu recipe

3. , Add a little water to make a thicker but very smooth batter.

Creamy Tofu recipe

4. Make another bowl of gorgon juice, take a bowl, add minced garlic, a little salt, a little chicken essence, and 1/2 teaspoon cornstarch.

Creamy Tofu recipe

5. Then add about 60 ml of milk and stir well into a bowl of gorgon for use. (When adjusting the bowl, do not add too much starch. Milk will gelatinize after preheating and boiling. If too much starch is put in the pan, the gelatinization will easily become a lump after cooking.)

Creamy Tofu recipe

6. Pour the prepared batter on the cut tofu cubes, try to make each tofu evenly covered with a layer of batter.

Creamy Tofu recipe

7. Start frying the tofu. Put a layer of batter on the tofu and fry the tofu piece by piece in a 50-60% hot oil pan. After it is deep-fried, use a spatula to remove the stuck tofu.

Creamy Tofu recipe

8. Fry until the tofu's golden shell bulges and tap it with a spatula to feel harder and remove it for later use. The fried tofu was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. I couldn't help but ate a few first.

Creamy Tofu recipe

9. Leave a little oil in the pot, put it in a bowl of juice and bring to a boil over medium heat.

Creamy Tofu recipe

10. After the bowl of juice is boiled, it thickens a bit. Add the deep-fried tofu and stir fry quickly.

Creamy Tofu recipe

11. Stir-fry it thoroughly and evenly. After gelatinization, the gorgon juice is basically wrapped in tofu and can be turned off and served. (Be sure to move fast after adding the tofu)

Creamy Tofu recipe




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