Green Vegetable Tofu Soup

Green Vegetable Tofu Soup

by Yuchi Pink

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This vegetable tofu soup is smooth and tender, delicious, simple and easy to digest. It is very suitable for children or the elderly. The recipe is super simple and can be made quickly. It is a quick soup.


Green Vegetable Tofu Soup

1. Cut the tofu into small pieces, as fine as possible, cut the greens into large pieces, put them in the vegetable chopper, and it will become minced in two minutes

Green Vegetable Tofu Soup recipe

2. Put clear water in the pot. When the water is about to boil, add the thick soup treasure (if three bowls of water are one piece, I used one and a half bowls of water, halved) and stir slowly to let the thick soup melt.

Green Vegetable Tofu Soup recipe

3. Add the tofu, add water starch, and stir evenly

Green Vegetable Tofu Soup recipe

4. Add the chopped green vegetables, stir evenly, and finally pour in the sesame oil.

Green Vegetable Tofu Soup recipe
Green Vegetable Tofu Soup recipe


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