Crispy Bread

Crispy Bread

by meggy dancing apple

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Today's bread is so delicious! Although the direct fermentation method is used, the inside of the bread is very soft, and the surface is decorated with sweet pastry, which is beautiful and delicious.

The bread is made on a temporary basis, so I didn’t get the Polish kind that I like very recently. So I used the direct fermentation method to make bread. Although it will age quickly in the next two days, it is fast and easy. method. And for such a delicious bread, the breakfast is all "reimbursed" the next day. What is aging? Can't wait at all.

After the bread came out of the oven, as soon as the fragrant bread came out, the son couldn't help but want to eat one. Because bread is a fermented product, it will produce some odors during the baking process. Even after it is out of the oven, there are still some in the bread that has not had time to disperse, so it is generally not recommended to eat it hot. The bread is in the best tasting state when it reaches the hand temperature.

The son endured for more than 10 minutes, and finally got his wish and ate one. He also said that the puff pastry on the surface was too interesting, and it tasted better than the puff pastry.

That's right, this meringue is used for decoration, which gives the ordinary buns a touch of exquisiteness and adds to the taste. To make a long story short, do it with me! Don't worry about breakfast!

Crispy Bread

1. Prepare the bread ingredients: adding a little low-gluten flour can make the bread softer;

Crispy Bread recipe

2. Put all the ingredients except butter into the kneading bucket, first stir the ingredients into a dough at low speed, then turn to medium speed and stir smoothly, and then add butter after the thick film can be pulled out;

Crispy Bread recipe

3. Knead the butter completely into the dough at low speed, then turn to medium speed and beat for about 10 minutes. The dough is soft, moist and shiny, and does not stick to the wall of the basin. Pulling a piece of dough can hold up a transparent film on the hand, and the kneading is over;

Crispy Bread recipe

4. The dough is rounded and placed in a basin, and the Mongolian plastic wrap is placed in a warm and humid place for basic fermentation; in a fermentation tank, the temperature can be adjusted to 28 degrees, the humidity is 70, and the time is 2-3 hours;

Crispy Bread recipe

5. When fermenting the dough, treat the pastry dough: put 40 grams of butter that has been softened at room temperature in advance, 25 grams of powdered sugar, and 15 grams of low-gluten flour; powdered sugar must be used instead of fine sugar;

Crispy Bread recipe

6. Use an electric whisk to stir open the butter cubes, don't over beat them, just break them up;

Crispy Bread recipe

7. Pour the powdered sugar and flour into the butter paste and stir it with a spatula to form a dough. This is the pastry batter;

Crispy Bread recipe

8. Put the pastry batter into the piping bag, do not cut the top, cut it when you use it;

Crispy Bread recipe

9. When the dough is twice the original size, dip your fingers in the flour and poke a hole on the top of the dough without collapsing or shrinking, and fermentation is successful;

Crispy Bread recipe

10. Press the dough upside down on the chopping board, tap lightly to exhaust, weigh into 8 equal parts, respectively round, cover with plastic wrap, and relax for about 20 minutes;

Crispy Bread recipe

11. The loose dough is flattened and rolled into a fat oval shape;

Crispy Bread recipe

12. Roll it up from top to bottom, because you want to roll it into an olive shape, you need to buckle in on both sides a little;

Crispy Bread recipe

13. Tighten the seal of the rolled roll, clasp your hands and rub it on the chopping board a few times to make the shape thick in the middle and pointed at both ends;

Crispy Bread recipe

14. The rolled bread rolls are placed in a non-stick baking tray, placed in a fermentation box, temperature 35, humidity 65, 30-40 minutes, depending on the state of the dough to adjust; no fermentation box can be placed in the oven, use the fermentation gear , Put a bowl of hot water;

Crispy Bread recipe

15. When the dough is twice as large, cut a small opening of the pastry bag with a diameter of about 6 mm, and squeeze the pastry on the surface of the noodles in a diamond-shaped pattern; at this time, the oven starts to preheat 190 degrees;

Crispy Bread recipe

16. The squeezed short bread dough is very full;

Crispy Bread recipe

17. Put the raw bread into the middle and lower layer of the pre-heated oven, and let it be heated for 180 and 190 for 18 minutes. The temperature and time are adjusted according to the actual situation of the oven used;

Crispy Bread recipe

18. The toasted bread is very soft, and the shortbread on the surface is easy to be knocked off, so it should be handled gently, and it can be stored in a bag when it is dried on a drying rack to hand temperature.

Crispy Bread recipe


1. Put the prepared pastry at room temperature, don't put it in the refrigerator or freeze it, because the butter will re-solidify after being cold, and the batter will harden and it will be difficult to squeeze out;
2. Squeeze the pastry batter as much as possible, so that after the bread is heated and expanded, the pastry will not appear too short or too little, and the whole will look better;
3. The baking temperature and time are adjusted according to the actual situation of the oven used.


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