Crispy Dragon Hydrangea

Crispy Dragon Hydrangea

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We eat less deep-fried food in our family, and we have never done deep-fried food before, but it’s okay to eat a little bit occasionally. For homemade, choose suitable frying oil, such as soybean oil, to minimize the adverse health effects of frying foods.

Shrimp and pork diced are chopped finely, mixed with eggs, refrigerated and then made into a ball, the surface is sticky and cut into strips of noodles, after being fried, the outside is crispy and the inside is tender.

Crispy Dragon Hydrangea

1. Ingredients are prepared and weighed; high-gluten wheat flour is poured into a clean water-free basin, because it is vacuum-packed, you need to pinch out the lumpy flour by hand.

Crispy Dragon Hydrangea recipe

2. Pour in clean water at one time, stir with chopsticks to form a flocculent, and then knead it with your hands.

Crispy Dragon Hydrangea recipe

3. Put the dough into the noodle press of the noodle press, press it into thin slices, and then use the noodle cutter to cut into strips.

Crispy Dragon Hydrangea recipe

4. The strips of dough are then cut into small pieces with a knife, unraveled by hand, covered, and set aside.

Crispy Dragon Hydrangea recipe

5. Next, start making meat fillings. First process the chives, remove the heads and roots, wash, cut or chopped the chopped green onions, and set aside.

Crispy Dragon Hydrangea recipe

6. Peel the pork belly, cut finely, and put in a bowl for later use.

Crispy Dragon Hydrangea recipe

7. Put the fresh prawns in the freezer, take out and wash; take a deep pot and add water that can cover the prawns, bring to a boil, add the prawns in blanching water until the color changes, immediately remove the cold water.

Crispy Dragon Hydrangea recipe

8. Tear off the shrimp head and split the shell from the abdomen of the shrimp.

Crispy Dragon Hydrangea recipe

9. Crush the shrimp with the blade of a knife, and then chop.

Crispy Dragon Hydrangea recipe

10. Put the minced pork belly on the top of the chopped shrimp, and chop evenly so that the minced pork belly blends into the shrimp.

Crispy Dragon Hydrangea recipe

11. Put an egg into the chopped filling, beat it evenly, add vegetable oil, salt, chicken essence, sugar, and chives and mix well. Keep refrigerated for about 20 minutes.

Crispy Dragon Hydrangea recipe

12. Take out the refrigerated filling, use 2 small spoons to squeeze the meat filling into small balls, and then sprinkle the noodle fragments prepared before, prepare a few more spoons for use, and make about 3 small balls first.

Crispy Dragon Hydrangea recipe

13. Pour a small half pot of soybean oil into an anhydrous iron pan. Start heating on a medium-to-low heat. Use clean and dry chopsticks in the oil to check the oil temperature. When there are small bubbles around the chopsticks, you can start frying.

Crispy Dragon Hydrangea recipe

14. While frying, make small balls. Fry 3 and 4 together. Use a colander to quickly scoop it up when it turns slightly golden brown. Repeat the operation until all of them are fried.

Crispy Dragon Hydrangea recipe

15. The crispy dragon hydrangeas that have been fried once are all put into hot oil and re-fried again. It will not take a long time to remove them from a bowl lined with kitchen towels or absorbent paper.

Crispy Dragon Hydrangea recipe


1. If you have just enough dumpling wrappers on your hand, you can use them directly; I don't use much dumpling wrappers and don't save them well, so I will make the dough myself.

2. If there is no pressing machine, you can directly use a rolling pin to roll thin and then cut into strips.

3. Use 2 small spoons to make the shrimp and pork filling into small balls. Don't be too big, it will take a long time to fry, or the outside will be crispy and the inside will not be cooked.

4. When frying until the surface is slightly golden, pick it up with a colander to avoid over-frying. Re-fry again. The skin is crispy and the inside is well cooked.

5. In the step of checking the oil temperature with chopsticks, when small bubbles appear around the chopsticks, it will start frying. If you operate it by yourself, turn down the heat a little bit and make small balls quickly while frying.

6. After the egg is shelled 52 grams, the meat filling with an egg is slightly thinner, it is not easy to pick up when it is made into a ball and put in a bowl; you can also reduce the weight of the egg, only use the egg white part, do not need to refrigerate, add a little bit Egg white, stir the meat until it can be kneaded into small balls.


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