Cucumber Seaweed Soup

Cucumber Seaweed Soup

by Donger's mother

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Less oil, healthy and nutritious, refreshing and delicious.


Cucumber Seaweed Soup

1. Change the ingredients to the knife and spare

Cucumber Seaweed Soup recipe

2. Put boiling water and chopped green onion in a pot, and cook the kelp slices for 2 minutes.

Cucumber Seaweed Soup recipe

3. Add cucumber slices

Cucumber Seaweed Soup recipe

4. Add coriander to the pan

Cucumber Seaweed Soup recipe

5. Add sesame oil and pepper and stir well

Cucumber Seaweed Soup recipe

6. The delicious melon sliced seaweed soup is ready

Cucumber Seaweed Soup recipe


The kelp is cooked in advance, and you can make more at one time. Put them in a bag and freeze them separately. Thaw them in advance and stew them. It is very convenient to mix.


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