Seasonal Vegetarian Assorted

Seasonal Vegetarian Assorted

by Everyday Chef

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You can use all the dishes you can use in the refrigerator. It's still very simple. Don't say that you can't be a chef. Let's make a lazy dish. The main thing is to make your own hygiene, nutrition, and non-greasy!


Seasonal Vegetarian Assorted

1. Cut the vegetable into long pieces, tear the fungus and white fungus into pieces; boil it in boiling water for two minutes, and let it go in cold water for a better color!

Seasonal Vegetarian Assorted recipe

2. Peel the cucumber and cut into sections, put it on the side of the plate, and use it for cleaning; chop garlic, three to five peppers, and add more or less peppers to your taste, and put them on the dish.

Seasonal Vegetarian Assorted recipe

3. Put a little oil in the pan and heat until green smoke appears, and pour it on the seasonings. In another bowl, add salt, sugar, and vinegar with a little water to make a sauce, pour it on the dishes, and it's OK!

Seasonal Vegetarian Assorted recipe


Very simple, it is fun to make according to the dishes and your own preferences!


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