Seasonal Vegetable Pie

Seasonal Vegetable Pie

by Snow season (from Tencent...)

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In the autumn harvest season, some green leafy vegetables are also on the market at this time. Use fresh side dishes to make simple and nutritious side dishes for the family. My mother is old and likes soft and easy-to-digest food, so she made this biscuits in the simplest way, and she likes it very much.


Seasonal Vegetable Pie

1. Ingredients: flour, eggs, lettuce leaves, red pepper and cucumber

Seasonal Vegetable Pie recipe

2. After the eggs are shelled and beaten, add water starch and stir well. Cut red pepper and cucumber into strips. Wash the lettuce leaves

Seasonal Vegetable Pie recipe

3. Heat the pot, brush a little oil, pour in the egg mixture, turn the pot to make the egg mixture round, and just cook it over low heat

Seasonal Vegetable Pie recipe

4. Add water and flour into the flour. In the same way, pour it into a pot over low heat and bake it into small cakes.

Seasonal Vegetable Pie recipe

5. The baked biscuits are softer and easier to digest. Take out a small pie and spread it on the countertop

Seasonal Vegetable Pie recipe

6. Put a layer of fermented bean curd

Seasonal Vegetable Pie recipe

7. Spread egg pancakes

Seasonal Vegetable Pie recipe

8. Spread lettuce leaves, cucumbers and red peppers and roll them along the edge of the pancake.

Seasonal Vegetable Pie recipe

9. Fresh vegetable pancakes are delicious and nutritious

Seasonal Vegetable Pie recipe


The fermented bean curd with Huangcuixianji and Congyou is a bit spicy, you can't eat spicy, you can replace it with other sauces. After adding water to the flour, carefully mix it up to prevent big gnocchi. Adding water starch to the egg liquid can increase the toughness and fineness of the egg cake, or it can be without water starch. Fresh vegetables can be used.


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