Cute Panda Cookies

Cute Panda Cookies

by The Rhyme of the Sea Food

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The panda's simple expression touched many people. Panda biscuits are also very popular with children. I personally think that this is a biscuit that takes a lot of time and time. It does not come out as soon as a mold is pressed, but it is formed by rubbing it with hands. The oily hands made me crazy, and I couldn't take pictures with the mobile phone at all with oily hands, so I had to summon the old mother for help.

Cute Panda Cookies

1. Add the powdered sugar after the butter is softened

Cute Panda Cookies recipe

2. Hit until the color becomes lighter and the volume becomes larger

Cute Panda Cookies recipe

3. Add the egg liquid in two times, and mix well after each addition

Cute Panda Cookies recipe

4. Add the flour sifted in advance

Cute Panda Cookies recipe

5. Cut and mix evenly with a spatula

Cute Panda Cookies recipe

6. In hot weather, the butter dough is sticky. You can put it in the refrigerator for a while before operating

Cute Panda Cookies recipe

7. The butter dough is divided into 70 grams, 115 grams and 125 grams, respectively, with cocoa powder, corn starch and matcha powder. Synthetic three-color dough

Cute Panda Cookies recipe

8. Divide the cocoa dough into 10 gram portions and 15 grams into four portions. 10 grams for the nose and 15 grams for the eyes.

The matcha dough is divided into 13 g portions and 127 g portions;

The plain dough is divided into 16g portions, 40g portions and 69g portions

Cute Panda Cookies recipe

9. Flatten 40 grams of plain dough. The length is 20CM. 10 grams of cocoa nose dough rolls are placed in the center of the flat plain dough.

Cute Panda Cookies recipe

10. 16 grams of plain dough is pressed flat and wrapped on the nose

Cute Panda Cookies recipe

11. Two pieces of 15 grams of cocoa eye dough are slightly flattened and pressed on both sides of the nose.

Cute Panda Cookies recipe

12. The remaining plain dough is wrapped in the outer layer. Place a pressed 13g matcha dough on top of the dough

Cute Panda Cookies recipe

13. Two rounded pieces of 15 g cocoa dough are placed on each side of the matcha dough; the remaining matcha dough is rolled into a rectangular shape

Cute Panda Cookies recipe

14. The matcha dough is wrapped on the outside, wrapped in plastic wrap, and placed in the freezer of the refrigerator for about 20 minutes to freeze hard.

Cute Panda Cookies recipe

15. Cut into pieces and place them on a baking tray lined with greased paper

Cute Panda Cookies recipe

16. Preheat the oven to 165 degrees and bake for about 15 minutes

Cute Panda Cookies recipe


In hot weather, hand temperature makes the dough easy to soften, so when cutting the dough, if it is soft, put it in the refrigerator and harden it before cutting.


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