Cuttlefish and Chicken Soup

Cuttlefish and Chicken Soup

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It's the season of the year to wear long trousers again, the cold weather, the rustling autumn wind, long trousers and cotton coat seem pale and weak. Recently, I have been obsessed with "Herb China". The ingredients of the same medicine and food have always been the first choice for autumn and winter tonics because of the attention of everyone and the convenience of preparation. [Welcome to exchange food, please search WeChat public account: "Shiqucaiwu" or directly add EJM2467]

Good tonic in autumn and winter, less sickness in the coming year. So various health-preserving soups entered the ordinary people's dinner table. Today, Cai Caiwu recommends this bowl of cuttlefish chicken soup. The main ingredients are dried cuttlefish and old chicken. Dried cuttlefish is rich in protein, fat, inorganic salts, carbohydrates and other substances. It is delicious and has the effects of strengthening yang, strengthening blood and kidney, strengthening stomach and regulating qi. The chicken soup nourishes the middle and nourishes qi, and is paired with fresh mushrooms. The soup is delicious and the chicken essence and MSG are weak.


Cuttlefish and Chicken Soup

1. Prepare raw materials in advance

Talking: The dried cuttlefish is marinated with salt, so it needs to be soaked in water for 1 hour in advance

Cuttlefish and Chicken Soup recipe

2. Cut the local chicken into pieces, put it in the water with ginger slices and cooking wine, blanch the water, remove it and drain the water. Talking: Before boiling the soup, you must clean up the smell of the chicken pieces. You can add appropriate amount of ginger slices and The cooking wine achieves the effect of removing fishy

Cuttlefish and Chicken Soup recipe

3. After cleaning the fresh mushrooms, use a knife to cut in half from the middle and set aside

Cuttlefish and Chicken Soup recipe

4. Tear off the soaked dried cuttlefish skin film, and then cut into pieces with a knife

Cuttlefish and Chicken Soup recipe

5. Put a small amount of oil in the pot, add the drained chicken nuggets and stir fry until the oil comes out

Talking: Putting a small amount of oil in the pot can prevent the chicken nuggets from sticking to the pot, remember to use less, because the subsequent chicken nuggets will be oily, if you put too much, the chicken soup will appear greasy

Cuttlefish and Chicken Soup recipe

6. After the chicken nuggets are sautéed and fragrant and oily, pour in the water just used for blanching the chicken nuggets (add more if not enough)

Talking: The ancients said that the original soup is turned into the original food, so don’t throw away the water used for blanching chicken nuggets. It is better to cook the soup; at the same time, add enough water at one time when boiling the soup, remember that adding water in the middle will affect the taste of the soup.

Cuttlefish and Chicken Soup recipe

7. After the soup is boiled, add dried cuttlefish and fresh mushrooms, bring to a boil, change to a slow fire for 1.5-2 hours

Cuttlefish and Chicken Soup recipe

8. After the soup is cooked, sprinkle some chopped green onion and pepper.

Talking: There is salt in dried cuttlefish, so there is no need to put salt in it.

A bowl of soup that is delicious enough to make you doubt your life is ready.

Cuttlefish and Chicken Soup recipe


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