Double Bean Mushroom Soup

Double Bean Mushroom Soup

by Black cat sheriff kitchen

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Mushrooms are low in calories, and the nutrients in the mushrooms help heart health and enhance immunity. Add a small piece of tofu. The soup is moderately salty and delicious. It is a healthy soup recipe suitable for the whole family.


Double Bean Mushroom Soup

1. Prepare materials.

Double Bean Mushroom Soup recipe

2. Select the flower and fruit tea function key for the health pot, put in the tofu cubes and the thick soup, and boil.

Double Bean Mushroom Soup recipe

3. After boiling, add mushrooms and continue to simmer.

Double Bean Mushroom Soup recipe

4. Wait for the flower nectar function to show that there is about 1 minute left to add the bean sprouts, cover and simmer for a while.

Double Bean Mushroom Soup recipe


Mushroom soup is a light soup recipe, and the strong soup taste is strong enough, so no salt is added to the recipe. The taste increases or decreases with the individual. You can also choose other types of mushrooms.


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