Spicy Granny Mapo Tofu

Spicy Granny Mapo Tofu

by Jingxi Lao Li

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When I went to have a meal at "Spicy Granny", I was deeply attracted by the taste of Mapo Tofu, spicy and delicious, and super meal. I made up my mind to make it myself and found the key point: The spicy mother-in-law used southern tofu and added tempeh. I tried it by myself, and the taste was very close! Share with everyone!


Spicy Granny Mapo Tofu

1. The pepper must be crushed, if there is a grinder to grind it.

Spicy Granny Mapo Tofu recipe

2. Dried tempeh is fine for ginger and tempeh.

Spicy Granny Mapo Tofu recipe

3. Add ginger foam and stir fry to create a fragrance.

Spicy Granny Mapo Tofu recipe

4. Stir-fry the minced meat, fry the oil, the color turns white.

Spicy Granny Mapo Tofu recipe

5. When the meat changes color, add the tempeh and fry until cooked.

Spicy Granny Mapo Tofu recipe

6. Add the spleen hot sauce, chop the hot pepper sauce and fry to make the red oil. (Attention! Do not put too much spleen hot sauce, spleen hot sauce is very salty, it grabs the taste!)

Spicy Granny Mapo Tofu recipe

7. After the spleen hot sauce is fried with red oil, add the tofu, do not stir with a spatula after putting it in. The tofu is very easy to break, so shake the pan with your hands

Spicy Granny Mapo Tofu recipe

8. Add the broth and drown the tofu.

Spicy Granny Mapo Tofu recipe

9. Put in the pepper, bring to a boil on high heat, cover and simmer on low heat for 10 minutes.

Spicy Granny Mapo Tofu recipe

10. This step is very important. If there is less water starch and no tofu, it is too viscous. This can only accumulate experience at a time!

Spicy Granny Mapo Tofu recipe

11. Add small chives after weighing pan and eat!

Spicy Granny Mapo Tofu recipe


Tips: The peppercorns must be crushed, they taste very numb, so there is no need to pick them out! Spleen hot sauce must be mastered in a good amount, otherwise it will be very salty, one spoon is enough!


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