Beijing Bean Soup

Beijing Bean Soup

by Shredded Potato Burrito

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Tofu soup is a very favorite early snack of old Beijingers. The tofu is cut into small pieces, deep-fried until golden brown, and then the soup is boiled to increase the flavor. The soup is delicious and the tofu sucks up the soup. It will be very enjoyable. Now it can be eaten in many Beijing-style snack bars.
In the Northeast, fried tofu puffs are a very common tofu delicacy, and making tofu puffs is something we can do.
Today, I fried the bean paste. Let’s learn how to make bean soup. There are ready-made hot pot dipping sauces at home. If you like the taste, just use it. This saves a lot of trouble.


Beijing Bean Soup

1. Prepare a piece of water tofu.

Beijing Bean Soup recipe

2. Cut the tofu into pieces about 1.5 cm square.

Beijing Bean Soup recipe

3. Heat the wok, pour the oil, add the tofu in half of the oil, and fry it over high heat. Put the tofu in the oil pan and keep it still. The outside of the tofu block is slightly yellow and harder. Under the pushing activity, the tofu is turned, so that the tofu will not break.

Beijing Bean Soup recipe

4. The tofu is golden and deep-fried.

Beijing Bean Soup recipe

5. Remove the oil control for later use.

Beijing Bean Soup recipe

6. Cut green onion and coriander into small pieces. I use the hot pot dipping sauce that is readily available at home. This dipping sauce contains sesame sauce, chive flowers, and tofu with soy sauce, so there is no need to make sesame sauce.

Beijing Bean Soup recipe

7. Put the star anise in a frying spoon with water, bring to a boil and simmer for 5 minutes.

Beijing Bean Soup recipe

8. Add the fried tofu and cook for 5 minutes on low heat.

Beijing Bean Soup recipe

9. Add green onions and coriander. Turn off the fire.

Beijing Bean Soup recipe

10. Put out a bowl, pour in 2 scoops of the sauce and mix well.

Beijing Bean Soup recipe


When frying the tofu, put the tofu in the oil pan without turning it. Fry for a while until the tofu is slightly hard, then gently push it, and then turn it to deep fry.
Do not use hot pot dipping, you can use sesame sauce and soy tofu to dilute and season.


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