Braised Tofu with Sauce

Braised Tofu with Sauce

by Jackey cat

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LG loves tofu, almost to the point where he likes how to make it. This time I learned how to make northern-flavored sauce stew. In the end, I told LG that it was a northern flavor. Except that the soybean sauce is made from the north The flavor is still pure southern characteristics, but fortunately, people did not dislike it in the end, and all were wiped out. The cat finally saved a little face, haha...


Braised Tofu with Sauce

1. Prepare ingredients

Braised Tofu with Sauce recipe

2. Open a small pot of water with a little salt, cut the tofu into chunks and blanch it, then remove and drain the water for later use

Braised Tofu with Sauce recipe

3. Heat a casserole over medium and small heat, add oil, and sauté chives, ginger, garlic

Braised Tofu with Sauce recipe

4. Stir fry with minced meat

Braised Tofu with Sauce recipe

5. Sprinkle a little cooking wine to increase aroma and remove fishy

Braised Tofu with Sauce recipe

6. Then add the soybean paste and stir fry to make it fragrant

Braised Tofu with Sauce recipe

7. Add appropriate amount of boiling water, add tofu, bring to a boil on high heat, turn to low heat and simmer for 15 minutes

Braised Tofu with Sauce recipe

8. When the tofu volume is obviously enlarged and it is floating on the surface, it is fine. At this time, you can taste it. If the taste is not enough, add seasonings appropriately.

Braised Tofu with Sauce recipe


1. When the tofu is blanched, add some salt in order to have some bottom flavor, and at the same time, blanch the bey odor, and be careful not to always stir with a spatula, so as not to crush the tofu;
2. The miso is sufficiently salty, so be cautious when you add salty condiments;
3. If you like spicy food, add a little chili at the last moment to enhance the flavor.


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