Double Fruit Drink

Double Fruit Drink

by Jiu Jiayi

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Double Fruit Drink

1. Spring water ice cubes, made by your own refrigerator

Double Fruit Drink recipe

2. Rock sugar honey appropriate

Double Fruit Drink recipe

3. Cherry tomatoes or small tomatoes

Double Fruit Drink recipe

4. Cherry tomatoes or cherry tomatoes are blanched in boiling water for 30 seconds

Double Fruit Drink recipe

5. Peel the cherry tomatoes or small tomatoes in shower water

Double Fruit Drink recipe

6. Dragon fruit stuffed finely chopped

Double Fruit Drink recipe

7. Put the blanched and peeled cherry tomatoes or small tomatoes, dragon fruit pulp and appropriate amount of spring water into a food processor to make juice

Double Fruit Drink recipe

8. Pour the juice into the cup, add the appropriate amount of rock sugar, ice cubes and honey, and adjust the sweetness according to personal needs. If you feel the powdered sugar of the fruit, you can also put it without rock sugar and honey, or put it in the refrigerator. drink.

Double Fruit Drink recipe


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