Fruit Dumplings

Fruit Dumplings

by Confused little nick

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Today, the Lantern Festival is going to class and can’t go out to play. It’s a good experience to cook a bowl of beautiful glutinous rice balls while eating at home.


Fruit Dumplings

1. Wash the fruits and cut them into small pieces for later use

Fruit Dumplings recipe

2. Add a bowl and a half of water to boil, then put the glutinous rice balls to cook.

Fruit Dumplings recipe

3. After the glutinous rice balls are taken out, put the fruit in the water and put them together with the glutinous rice balls, and add some water to cook the glutinous rice balls and fruits.

Fruit Dumplings recipe


It tastes sweet, sour and sweet, with a strong fruity aroma, but I don’t like to eat the three kinds of fruits I added this time, I just think it’s better.


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