Double Ninth Flower Cake

Double Ninth Flower Cake

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In the ninth month of the lunar calendar, the weather is getting colder and frost and snow are approaching. People seize the moment of the agricultural slack after the autumn harvest and hold the last outdoor activity of the year. This is the Chongyang Festival on September 9.
The Double Ninth Festival eating Chongyang Cake is a special design for people who cannot go or can not climb high due to various reasons. Because "Gao" and "Gao" have the same pronunciation, eating cakes is used instead of climbing, and the task is complete. "

Double Ninth Flower Cake

1. Oil noodles: add sugar to flour, soften the butter and knead the flour into corn flour, then add water to form a dough

Double Ninth Flower Cake recipe

2. Pastry noodles: After the butter has softened, add flour and knead it into a dough. Wrap the dough with plastic wrap for half an hour.

Double Ninth Flower Cake recipe

3. 15 grams of water and oil noodles, 10 grams of pastry noodles, relax for 15 minutes after dividing. Pastry in water and oil leather. After wrapping, relax for another 15 minutes.

Double Ninth Flower Cake recipe

4. Close the mouth upward and roll it into an oval shape. Roll into a cylindrical shape with the mouth facing upwards. After rolling, relax for 15 minutes.

Double Ninth Flower Cake recipe

5. After relaxation, take a portion of the loosened dough, close it up, and press down with your thumb from the middle

Double Ninth Flower Cake recipe

6. Then tighten the four corners to the middle to form a spherical shape, and press it into a circle with a diameter of about 5cm.

Double Ninth Flower Cake recipe

7. 15 grams of jujube paste is pressed into a round shape of about 4cm, which is slightly smaller than the size of the noodles. Cut all kinds of candied dried fruits into suitable sizes, place them on the jujube puree, and press lightly to make them not easy to fall off.

Double Ninth Flower Cake recipe

8. Take another loose dough and press it into a 5cm circle, cover it on the filling, and press it down gently

Double Ninth Flower Cake recipe

9. The oven is adjusted to the upper and lower fire mode, 170 degrees, 40 minutes.

Double Ninth Flower Cake recipe

10. Put it in the oven after preheating. Bake it to the end and take it out.

Double Ninth Flower Cake recipe


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