Dragon Fruit Flower Bread

Dragon Fruit Flower Bread

by Hua Qing Rouyi

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Duchamp said that my best work is my life. It is the person I admire, who is free from all shackles and turned life into art. As I walked on Bensi Road, I became more and more aware of what I wanted and what kind of life I wanted to live, and I also felt more and more that I could do a thing and want to do it well. It feels really good. The basic formula of this flower bread is very simple, but because of the addition of dragon fruit, we are pleasantly surprised. There are countless combinations of baking, and life is actually infinite. As long as it starts, everything is not too late.


Dragon Fruit Flower Bread

1. Put the dragon fruit pulp into the food processor to puree the fruit for later use;

Dragon Fruit Flower Bread recipe

2. Put the high-gluten flour, sugar, salt and yeast into the mixing cup of the chef's machine, and mix the dragon fruit puree and light cream together for use;

Dragon Fruit Flower Bread recipe

3. Turn the cook machine to the 1st gear position, slowly stir the powder, while stirring, slowly pour the mixed liquid ingredients;

Dragon Fruit Flower Bread recipe

4. After all the liquid is poured in, turn the cook machine to the 2nd position and start kneading. At 7 minutes, the dough is basically a dough. At 20 minutes, the dough is smoother. Pause the machine and slowly stretch the dough to form a thicker film. ;

Dragon Fruit Flower Bread recipe

5. Add the softened butter to the mixing cup, and adjust the cook machine to gear 2 to continue kneading;

Dragon Fruit Flower Bread recipe

6. Observe the dough at any time. After 5 minutes, you can see that the butter and the dough are basically integrated. After 15 minutes, the dough has become very smooth. Suspend the machine, take out a piece of dough, slowly stretch it, and form a relatively strong film;

Dragon Fruit Flower Bread recipe

7. Sort the dough by hand and put it in the mixing cup for the first fermentation;

Dragon Fruit Flower Bread recipe

8. After about 1 hour, the dough will ferment to twice its size. Dip the flour with your fingers and poke into the dough. The holes formed after the fingers are pulled out will not shrink or collapse;

Dragon Fruit Flower Bread recipe

9. Take out the dough and let it relax for 15 minutes. Use a kitchen scale to weigh 8 small doughs, each of 75 grams, and then roll the remaining dough into a round shape;

Dragon Fruit Flower Bread recipe

10. Put a small bowl in the middle of the 8-inch round mold (the diameter of the bowl is about 10 cm), cover the rolled dough on the small bowl, and then knead the 8 small doughs into a circle, and place them on the plate evenly. Around the small bowl in

Dragon Fruit Flower Bread recipe

11. Use a knife to cut the noodles covered on the small bowl in equal parts, spread them on the small dough, and leave them as stamens;

Dragon Fruit Flower Bread recipe

12. Take the bowl out of the round mold, put the mold and a small pot of boiling water into the oven at the same time, and carry out the second fermentation;

Dragon Fruit Flower Bread recipe

13. After about 40 minutes, the dough will ferment to twice its original size and basically fill the mold;

Dragon Fruit Flower Bread recipe

14. Brush a layer of water on the fermented dough, then sprinkle some dry powder for decoration, put it in the lower layer of the oven, 175 degrees for 40 minutes;

Dragon Fruit Flower Bread recipe

15. After baking, the bread should be demoulded immediately and let cool on the baking net.

Dragon Fruit Flower Bread recipe


1. Compared with manual kneading, the chef kneading time is relatively longer, so do not put too much yeast in order to avoid premature fermentation during the kneading process;
2. When the powder is put into the mixing cup of the cook machine, be careful not to put the yeast, salt and sugar together;
3. Before the second fermentation, the flower buds folded on the dough should be pulled up to the top of the dough as much as possible to avoid falling from the small dough during fermentation. During the baking process, they will naturally fall to form stamens;
4. The ratio of oil to sugar in the formula is relatively low. It is really not recommended that you increase it. For the health of your family, let us be a "simple baking master".


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