Dragon Fruit Salad

Dragon Fruit Salad

by Soft blue crystal

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Human taste is also strange. I used to be very disgusted with the taste of salad dressing. I thought it was super unpalatable. I had to throw more than half a bottle when I bought a bottle. If you add some shrimp, it's also very delicious.


Dragon Fruit Salad

1. Prepare all the ingredients, peel off the skins of the peaches and apples, and use a ball digger to scoop the watermelon into balls.

Dragon Fruit Salad recipe

2. The dragon fruit is cut from one third. Take out the pulp inside.

Dragon Fruit Salad recipe

3. Cut the removed dragon fruit flesh into cubes. The peaches are also cut into cubes.

Dragon Fruit Salad recipe

4. The apples are also cut into cubes.

Dragon Fruit Salad recipe

5. Add salad dressing and mix well.

Dragon Fruit Salad recipe

6. Scoop the well-mixed fruit back into the dragon husk.

Dragon Fruit Salad recipe

7. Finally, put the watermelon ball on top and place the mint leaves.

Dragon Fruit Salad recipe


You can also replace the fruits in the recipe with your favorite.


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