Dry Stir-fried Elbow

Dry Stir-fried Elbow

by Tail's Kitchen

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The elbow is a big meat dish that everyone likes to eat, such as braised elbow, braised elbow, braised elbow, sauced elbow, stewed elbow...Various methods, delicious and enjoyable.
Although pork knuckle does not have much fat, it has a heavy gelatinous texture and will feel greasy if you eat too much. And now there are a lot of friends who are addicted to spicy food, pig knuckle tossed over and over several methods, always feel that there is no spicy taste come to heartily, enjoy the food.
This dry stir-fried pork elbow is spicy and delicious, soft and glutinous, it is a good product to serve with wine and rice.


Dry Stir-fried Elbow

1. The front elbow of the pig is removed from the stick bones

Dry Stir-fried Elbow recipe

2. Cut the removed meat into small pieces of 2cm square.
Remove the leaves of celery, wash, and cut into short sections with the garlic sprouts; peel and cut old ginger into small pieces; remove the stems and seeds of dried chili and cut into small pieces

Dry Stir-fried Elbow recipe

3. Put the oil in the hot pot, add the pork knuckle and stir dry with steam, and cook the white wine to remove the fishy

Dry Stir-fried Elbow recipe

4. Add sliced ginger, salt, chili, and pepper and stir-fry; cook into the broth three times, so that the pork knuckle will absorb water and soften without getting hard on the surface. Add dark soy sauce, white sugar, stir fry for color and seasoning

Dry Stir-fried Elbow recipe

5. Add celery and garlic sprouts, stir-fry evenly, and then serve.
You can add some red oil from Pixian Douban low heat and stir fry before the pot, the color of the finished dish will be more red and brighter, and the spicy flavor will be more intense.

Dry Stir-fried Elbow recipe


1. Pork knuckle has a strong smell. It is best to use white wine to remove the smell. Cooking wine without white wine can also be used.
2. Pork knuckle is heavy and easy to stick to the pan. Stir fry quickly.
3. In the process of stir-frying, it is cooked into fresh soup in batches, which can not only make the pork knuckle more delicious, but also make the pork knuckle soften by absorbing water, making the finished dish soft and waxy but not hard, dry, fragrant and moisturizing.


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