Simplified Dongpo Meat

Simplified Dongpo Meat

by Liu Dahua 266

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Knuckle is the most common delicacy for family gatherings. Today's approach is similar to braised Dongpo elbow. Many steps are simplified. The finished product is fragrant but not greasy, crispy and not rotten.


Simplified Dongpo Meat

1. Wash the elbows and put them in a pot, add half of the green onions and ginger slices, and 100 grams of cooking wine, and pour in water that is basically no more than the elbows. My pot is big, everyone try to use a small and tall pot, so that it is completely elbow.

Simplified Dongpo Meat recipe

2. Turn the elbow over after the high heat is boiled, and blanch the other side for 2 minutes, then turn off the heat and take out the elbow and wash it for later use.

Simplified Dongpo Meat recipe

3. In a separate pot, add the star anise Chinese pepper tangerine peel, the other half of the green onion and ginger slices, and 100 grams of cooking wine, and pour in water that is barely elbow.

Simplified Dongpo Meat recipe

4. After the high heat is boiled, skim the foam, add various seasonings, turn to a low heat, and simmer for about 4 hours, turning over every hour during this time.

Simplified Dongpo Meat recipe

5. When the soup thickens, keep pouring the soup on the elbows.

Simplified Dongpo Meat recipe

6. At this point, the bones can be easily removed.

Simplified Dongpo Meat recipe

7. Finally, let the soup dry up over the heat, leaving only about half a bowl of it.

Simplified Dongpo Meat recipe

8. Remove and serve, drizzle with remaining broth, sprinkle with chives or chopped coriander.

Simplified Dongpo Meat recipe

9. Take a closer look.

Simplified Dongpo Meat recipe


1. Big elbows take longer, or cut.
2. Try to choose the front elbow.
3. The traditional method is to fry sugar color, I simplified it a bit.
4. If the pot is too big to have more than half of the water in the elbow, too much will prolong the cooking time.


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