Tomato Pork Rib Soup

Tomato Pork Rib Soup

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In the hot summer, let's be an exquisite pig girl together. If you don’t want to drink too greasy soup, you can try tomato pork rib soup. The greasy pork ribs and the sweet and sour tomatoes make everything look just right. If you love beauty, you must remember to love yourself~


Tomato Pork Rib Soup

1. Prepare the pork knuckles and wash them with water

Tomato Pork Rib Soup recipe

2. Boil water in a pot, put ginger slices on it, boil it, take it out and wash it clean

Tomato Pork Rib Soup recipe

3. The tomatoes are cross-cut, put in hot water, scalded and peeled, set aside

Tomato Pork Rib Soup recipe

4. Wash the cleaned pork knuckles, add in the medium, add appropriate amount of water, put on the pepper and ginger slices, and simmer for one hour on low heat.

Tomato Pork Rib Soup recipe

5. Cut one tomato in half and set aside

Tomato Pork Rib Soup recipe

6. Boil for one hour, add tomatoes and cook for 20 minutes

Tomato Pork Rib Soup recipe


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