Dumplings with Lees

Dumplings with Lees

by Snow ice girl

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Suddenly want to eat sweet, half of the glutinous rice balls at home are cooked with sweet wine lees and a bowl for dessert


Dumplings with Lees

1. Tangyuan does not need to be defrosted

Dumplings with Lees recipe

2. Add sweet sake lees to the pot and 1 bowl of water

Dumplings with Lees recipe

3. Boil the lees and put rock sugar into it

Dumplings with Lees recipe

4. Pour the glutinous rice balls and stir immediately

Dumplings with Lees recipe

5. The glutinous rice balls are cooked until they float

Dumplings with Lees recipe

6. Photo bowl

Dumplings with Lees recipe


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