Durian Bread

Durian Bread

by Sister Xiang's Private Kitchen

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This year, as long as the delicacies related to durian are very popular, durian layer, durian cake and so on. Golden Pillow Durian is the king of fruits, because it is fragrant and sweet; anyone who has eaten it will not be able to resist the nostalgia for it. The durian bread I made today is the quick-frozen golden pillow durian from Guangzhou Post. It is a perfect match with the bread. It smells and tastes fragrant.


Durian Bread

1. Put all the ingredients (except butter and salt) into the bread machine and knead for ten minutes with the mixing function. Put the butter and salt in the kneading for ten minutes, and ferment to double the size.

Durian Bread recipe

2. Round and relax for ten minutes and divide into 100 grams of dough each

Durian Bread recipe

3. Spheron and relax for ten minutes

Durian Bread recipe

4. Quick-frozen durian meat softens ahead of time

Durian Bread recipe

5. Flatten the dough and put the durian meat in the middle of the round cake

Durian Bread recipe

6. Tighten the durian buns tightly

Durian Bread recipe

7. Pinch it and place it in the bread tray

Durian Bread recipe

8. Put it on the baking tray for second proofing

Durian Bread recipe

9. Ferment to double size, brush with whole egg liquid and sprinkle with white sesame seeds

Durian Bread recipe

10. Preheat the oven at 160 degrees and fire up and down for 18 minutes until the surface is golden

Durian Bread recipe

11. Bake it and let it cool, then put it in a bread bag

Durian Bread recipe


1. The water absorption is different for different flours, milk or water can be added a little bit;
2. The temperature of each oven is different, you must master the time and temperature to get a good finished product;
3. When filling the stuffing, the mouth must be tightened to prevent it from swelling during the baking process.


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