Durian Cookies

Durian Cookies

by Dusty

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My mother-in-law came to the house and bought me an oversized durian. The meat is very good. I left a portion of durian meat and baked a durian cookie for myself. Save it and eat slowly to keep the fragrance!


Durian Cookies

1. 1. Prepare the materials.

Durian Cookies recipe

2. 2. Add durian meat and milk to a delicate paste with a food processor.

Durian Cookies recipe

3. 3. To soften the butter in place, add powdered sugar and mix well with a spatula to prevent the powdered sugar from splashing when beating. Then use an electric whisk to beat the fluffy feathers.

Durian Cookies recipe

4. 4. Add durian puree and beat again evenly.

Durian Cookies recipe

5. 5. Sift in low flour and cornstarch, and mix the batter evenly by cutting, mixing and pressing.

Durian Cookies recipe

6. 6. Put it in a piping bag, I use a medium-sized six-teeth, and use a scraper to push the batter forward.

Durian Cookies recipe

7. 7. At this time, the oven can be preheated to 180 degrees. Line the baking tray with greased paper, the decorating mouth is vertical, and you can squeeze out the pattern in a circle! At the request of the baby, I squeezed a few bars.

Durian Cookies recipe

8. 8. Put it into the middle layer of the preheated oven, turn it to 160 degrees, and bake for 25 minutes!

Durian Cookies recipe

9. It's time to come out, the coloring is satisfactory, the cookies are slightly cold, and the cookies are crispy!

Durian Cookies recipe


Note: The butter must be softened in place!


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