Easy Sichuan Hot Pot Maocai

Easy Sichuan Hot Pot Maocai

by May Little Chef

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Speaking of being very greedy for hot pot today, so I turned out a bag of hot pot bottoms left at home, and made a simple hot pot meal, and the taste was overwhelming! Satisfy! This dish of mine may not be as detailed as other pro-made dishes, but it is simple and does not require too much condiments and complicated preparations. It only needs a bag of hot pot base and common spices and random items in your refrigerator. Some dishes can be prepared, especially suitable for when you are suddenly greedy for hot pot, just do it!


Easy Sichuan Hot Pot Maocai

1. Ingredients: A pack of authentic Chongqing or Chengdu hot pot base ingredients. I use the "Qiaotou", the taste is okay

Easy Sichuan Hot Pot Maocai recipe

2. Preparation 1: Cut dried chili peppers, vine pepper, onion, ginger, and garlic. I forgot to take the onion, ginger, and garlic. Forgive me, if you want to be more spicy, you can use more dried chili and Chinese pepper. Preparation 2: All kinds of dishes and meats you like to eat

Easy Sichuan Hot Pot Maocai recipe

3. Stir-frying ingredients: a little oil in the pan, fry the green onion, ginger, garlic, dried chili, and bean paste into the pan to create a fragrance

Easy Sichuan Hot Pot Maocai recipe

4. Add water: add enough water to make bone soup or something bigger, add half a bag of hot pot base to make the soup base, serve 2 people, add rattan pepper

Easy Sichuan Hot Pot Maocai recipe

5. Serving: After the bottom of the pot is boiled for a while, add various dishes from hard to easy to cook.

Easy Sichuan Hot Pot Maocai recipe

6. Boil: All the dishes are cooked and delicious, sprinkle a handful of coriander in it and you can enjoy it out of the pot! You can choose to put it in a pot, or you can put it directly on the induction cooker and cook while eating.

Easy Sichuan Hot Pot Maocai recipe

7. Oil dish seasoning: sesame oil + chopped garlic + chopped parsley + chopped green onion + oil consumption + vinegar


1. The amount of hot pot bottom material is controlled by your own discretion. I made the amount for two people. I used half a packet, and the flavor was too strong! I like it!
2. The hot pot dishes are selected according to personal preference, but they should not be too mixed. I personally do not recommend cooking leafy vegetables, because leafy vegetables have to absorb oil! Recommended mushrooms and other fungi, cucumbers and pumpkins and other melons, frozen tofu, dried tofu and other soy products. Some broccoli is also great! Friendly reminder: Those with gastrointestinal problems should bear it. Whirr


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