Eel Lettuce Soup

Eel Lettuce Soup

by Zhou Tai Liang Soup

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One ginseng in winter and one eel in summer. Monopterus albus is a tonic ingredient in summer, and the soup is also delicious.


Eel Lettuce Soup

1. Clean the fresh rice eel and cut 5 to 6 cm long for use. Some friends like the mucus and blood of the rice eel, but if you cook the soup, it’s better to clean it, otherwise the soup will be muddy.

Eel Lettuce Soup recipe

2. Peel lettuce and cut into hob pieces for later use

Eel Lettuce Soup recipe

3. Pour vegetable oil in the pot, pour garlic and ginger slices and stir fry until fragrant

Eel Lettuce Soup recipe

4. Pour the rice eel and stir fry until it changes color

Eel Lettuce Soup recipe

5. After adding the rice wine, cover the lid and open it again to make the rice eel fully absorb the rice wine

Eel Lettuce Soup recipe

6. Add clear water, pour the lettuce and boil, low heat for about 10 minutes, add fish sauce, pepper, etc. to taste

Eel Lettuce Soup recipe

7. The soup is clear and delicious, the rice field eel is fresh and tender, the lettuce is soft and tender, and there is sweetness in the throat

Eel Lettuce Soup recipe


The key is to remove the fishy smell of rice field eel. Rice wine, pepper, and ginger are very effective.


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