Egg Fish Ball Soup

Egg Fish Ball Soup

by Niu Ma Kitchen

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I have a late self-study in the evening. After picking him up, I will also prepare a small snack. If he is too busy, I will just heat a cup of milk, and I will cook a bowl of soup when I am free. No matter what kind of supper, I add a few drops of walnut oil to the eldest son's meal now. Hearing from friends Yusuke, this walnut oil is really good. If you like it, you can also get to know it.


Egg Fish Ball Soup

1. Prepare the ingredients used.

Egg Fish Ball Soup recipe

2. Add cooking wine and salt to the eggs and beat them up.

Egg Fish Ball Soup recipe

3. Add oil to the pan and saute the egg mixture until fragrant.

Egg Fish Ball Soup recipe

4. This state is fine.

Egg Fish Ball Soup recipe

5. Then add boiling water, and then divide the fish balls off the pot.

Egg Fish Ball Soup recipe

6. Add pepper and chopped green onion after the fish balls are cooked.

Egg Fish Ball Soup recipe

7. Finally add a few drops of walnut oil.

Egg Fish Ball Soup recipe

8. Gelinuoer cold-pressed walnut oil is more suitable for your baby's health.

Egg Fish Ball Soup recipe


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