Walnut Oil recipes

Steamed Seasonal Vegetables

Carrot, Broccoli, Small Vegetables

Lettuce in Soup

Lettuce, Carrot, Dried Shrimps

Bacon Carrot Scones

Flour, Carrot, Bacon

Ginger, Red Date and Sweet Potato Soup

Sweet Potato, Red Dates, Ginger

Carrot and Egg Toast

Flour, Walnut Oil, Soft White Sugar

Shrimp Dumplings

Pink Dough, Carrot, Shrimp

Sweet Noodle Soup

Pumpkin, Flour, Egg

Egg Fish Ball Soup

Fish Ball, Egg, Salt

Carrot Crackers

Flour, Walnut Oil, Corn Starch

Curry Potato Beef Rice

Potato, Beef, Curry

Yogurt Cookies

Walnut Oil, Yogurt, Yolk