Egg Soba

Egg Soba

by Shredded Potato Burrito

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Buckwheat protein is rich in lysine, and trace elements such as iron, manganese and zinc are richer than general grains, and it is also rich in dietary fiber, which is 10 times that of general refined rice. So buckwheat has good nutrition and health effects. Like to make noodles with buckwheat, it is chewy and has a unique fragrance.


Egg Soba

1. Add a teaspoon of salt to the buckwheat flour and flour, then beat in an egg

Egg Soba recipe

2. First use chopsticks to mix the egg and flour together, there is a small flocculent

Egg Soba recipe

3. Stir the water slowly, not too much. While pouring the water, use your hands to knead the noodles. The egg is about 50 grams, and then add about 120 grams of water.

Egg Soba recipe

4. I knead it by hand. If you roll the dough by hand, it will form a ball. After half an hour, you can roll it out. I use a noodle machine to press it, and it’s just like this.

Egg Soba recipe

5. Press with a machine and choose the thickness by yourself. I made medium thickness. The pressed noodles should be made with corn flour to prevent sticking.

Egg Soba recipe

6. The prepared noodles can be frozen and stored, cook as much as you eat

Egg Soba recipe

7. Hot some green vegetables and cooked dough together with abalone and scallops xo hot sauce to mix and eat, it is delicious.

Dominate the kitchen, just a cup of square abalone scallop XO spicy

Egg Soba recipe


When making noodles, you can roll it by hand or press it with a machine. When cooking, you can adjust the soup and boil the hot soup, you can mix it with cold. I just mix it with hoisin sauce.
I used the abalone and scallop XO hot sauce sold in Bawang Supermarket. There are slightly spicy and spicy flavors. Each cup is 30 grams, which is very easy to preserve.


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