Melaleuca Buckwheat Cake

Melaleuca Buckwheat Cake

by Xuefenger

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A moderate amount of buckwheat flour in the diet is very beneficial. Today, I will share with you this delicious, soft and healthy pasta recipe. If you like it, let’s take a look~


Melaleuca Buckwheat Cake

1. Dilute the yeast powder and water and add it to the flour and buckwheat flour to form a dough with moderate hardness

Melaleuca Buckwheat Cake recipe

2. Pull the kneaded dough into small pieces

Melaleuca Buckwheat Cake recipe

3. Use a rolling pin to roll the dough into a dough, brush it with a layer of vegetable oil, and then roll it on top, and so on

Melaleuca Buckwheat Cake recipe

4. Finally, roll out a larger dough wrapper around the stacked dough wrapper, pinch the bottom tightly

Melaleuca Buckwheat Cake recipe

5. Turn it over, the biscuits are ready, wake up for a while

Melaleuca Buckwheat Cake recipe

6. Put clean water in the steamer, grease the bottom of the basket to prevent stickiness, put the finished biscuits in, pat the top slightly wet, sprinkle with black sesame seeds

Melaleuca Buckwheat Cake recipe

7. Cover the lid and steam on high heat for 30 minutes, and it's ready to be out of the pot after it's cooked through

Melaleuca Buckwheat Cake recipe

8. Take out the steamed buckwheat cake, let it cool slightly, and cut into pieces

Melaleuca Buckwheat Cake recipe


1. Buckwheat flour can be bought ready-made, or you can buy buckwheat and use a wall-breaking machine to make it yourself.

2. Completely made buckwheat flour will not be so soft. Adding some white noodles will make the cake more soft.


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