Chocolate Thumb Cookies

Chocolate Thumb Cookies

by breadmum

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This chocolate biscuit is a biscuit made by hand using chocolate, flour, butter and other materials. It has an excellent taste and a pleasant feeling in the mouth. The oven temperature is accurate and the coloring is very uniform. This biscuit is particularly crispy. Topped with chocolate sauce, it looks very tempting.

Chocolate Thumb Cookies

1. Called almond flour and cocoa powder.

Chocolate Thumb Cookies recipe

2. Weigh all-purpose flour and buckwheat flour.

Chocolate Thumb Cookies recipe

3. Cut the unsalted butter into small pieces and let it soften at room temperature in advance.

Chocolate Thumb Cookies recipe

4. Put the almond flour and cocoa powder in a blender and beat them evenly.

Chocolate Thumb Cookies recipe

5. Then add the caster sugar and all the powder mixture and salt. Beat for 20-30 seconds, until fully mixed.

Chocolate Thumb Cookies recipe

6. Add the butter and continue beating until combined. Take out and stir with a spatula to form a smooth dough.

Chocolate Thumb Cookies recipe

7. Knead the dough into 30 balls, each weighing about 10-12g, and place them on a baking sheet lined with greased paper. Use your thumb or a spoon to press in the middle of the balls and place them in the refrigerator for 15 minutes.

Chocolate Thumb Cookies recipe

8. Turn on the oven, select "Chocolate Thumb Biscuit" in the APP interface to start, the oven will automatically enter the preheating stage, the upper tube temperature is 175 degrees, the lower tube temperature is 175 degrees, preheating for 10 minutes, after the oven is preheated, it will be installed Put the baking tray with the biscuits into the oven, and then use the APP to make the oven enter the baking stage (upper tube temperature 175 degrees, lower tube temperature 175 degrees, baking for 18 minutes), you can also directly set the upper tube temperature 175 degrees on the machine operation panel , The lower tube temperature is 175 degrees, bake for 18 minutes. When the biscuits are dark brown, it is fine.

Chocolate Thumb Cookies recipe

9. You can turn on the oven light to observe the state of the biscuits.

Chocolate Thumb Cookies recipe

10. At this point the chocolate melts in water.

Chocolate Thumb Cookies recipe

11. Take out the baked biscuits and place them on the grill to cool.

Chocolate Thumb Cookies recipe

12. Then spoon the melted chocolate into the round hole in the center. When the chocolate is dry, you can eat it with fruit, it tastes great

Chocolate Thumb Cookies recipe


1. Each ball should be rolled into the same size, if you are not sure, you can weigh it, about 12g is appropriate.
2. Remember to take out the butter in advance and let it soften at room temperature.
3. Choose a smaller spoon for easy use.


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