Egg Tart

Egg Tart

by Purple rhyme

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Egg tart originated in Hong Kong, and it is carried forward in Hong Kong tea restaurants. Since the 1950s, egg tarts have been stationed in Hong Kong restaurants and have become a favorite of Hong Kong people. The Portuguese egg tarts are soft and crispy, rich inset, and rich in creamy egg flavour. In a lazy afternoon, making a cup of coffee, bathing in the sun, and taking a bite of the egg tart is undoubtedly a treat.


Egg Tart

1. Prepare the required materials

Egg Tart recipe

2. Weigh out the milk and whipped cream

Egg Tart recipe

3. Add white sugar to 40g milk and mix until melted

Egg Tart recipe

4. Add the cream to another 40 grams of milk and mix well

Egg Tart recipe

5. Beat the egg yolks and pour into the milk

Egg Tart recipe

6. Then stir well

Egg Tart recipe

7. Add the cream to the custard

Egg Tart recipe

8. Then stir well

Egg Tart recipe

9. Sift it twice

Egg Tart recipe

10. After sieving, remove the large bubbles on the surface with a small spoon

Egg Tart recipe

11. Place the egg tart crust on the baking tray

Egg Tart recipe

12. Pour the egg liquid into the tart crust separately, pour eighth to full.

Egg Tart recipe

13. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees, put the middle layer and bake for about 20 minutes

Egg Tart recipe

14. When the surface starts to be brown, it can be baked

Egg Tart recipe


1. The amount of egg liquid is 8 tart crusts. If you do more, you can increase the amount;
2. The egg liquid must be sieved twice, so that the baked egg tarts are tender and smooth.


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